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A thank you letter from Oscar


Dear Lotus Class and all my friends

i am missing you all very much, and thanks for the comments. Hope you all are having a great time. My scariest bit has been my washing machine experience, where I got spun round by a big wave and almost got knocked out! My favourite bit has been: swimming in the Cenotes. These are all different types of natural sinkholes that have been filled with water over the years. My most painful bit was falling on my knees in the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam. I might still have my cuts when I get back. My most yummiest bit was eating a green crepe with a ton of caramel inside it.

Yours sincerely Oscar




G is for Grand Cenote, the best cenote ever.

R is for Red Eared Terapins sunning themselves.

A is for amazing stalactites that hold on tight.

N is for nibbling fish, tiny and ticklish.

D is for diving down through darkness to shimmering light.


C is for catfish with whiskers like Master Shifu beard.

E is for enthusiastic bats, who can never get comfortable.

N is for new surprises I get each time I visit.

O is for obstacles, jagged stalactites that cut through the water.

T is for the tremendous splash as I jump in.

E is for epic sink holes, swimming, snorkling, seeing fish and shivering.

Xkenken Cenote


X is for Xkenken the best Cenote

K is for killer spikes, dangling down like bats.

E is for echoing voices, creeping through the cave.

N is for night-like darkness.

K is for keen sharp stalagmites, ready to strike.

E is for enormous roots dangling down, desperate to drink the water.

N is for nibbling fish, ravenously munching at your feet.

The Lagoon


Yal-Ku is a place where the sea and a river meet,

Like two friends coming to greet.

One friend is as cold as the moon,

The other as hot as the sun.

Swimming through the part where both friends had hugged,

My sight went all fuzzy.

Diving down the water turned crystal clear.

I could see a shivering, shimmering and shining net of sunlight at the bottom.

Some fish were iridescent blue, scarlet red as fresh blood,

Pure white as the morning mist and as silver as a moon beam.


Swimming in Yal-Ku

Swimming in Yal-Ku

Today I was really excited about swimming in the Yal-Ku lagoon.  A lagoon is a lake with the sea and a river running into it. It’s a great place to snorkel because there are loads of fish.image

The most exciting bit was swimming around the Mangrove roots; loads of fish live in and out if the roots to protect them from predators.  The roots looked like crooked witches fingers dangling down like slimy serpents.  The darkness looked like an everlasting black cave that would devour me for all eternity.  I felt so scared that I didn’t even touch the roots.

Hola Amigos

Found the poolimageimageimageimageBella and Oscar arrive safely in Akumal. Akumal is the Mayan word meaning turtle. Highlights so far include snorkling with the turtles at 7.30am, trying Mexican sweets, and exploring Yal Ku lagoon. Internet providing some school work describing their adventures so far will follow! Love the lowtons