The Lagoon


Yal-Ku is a place where the sea and a river meet,

Like two friends coming to greet.

One friend is as cold as the moon,

The other as hot as the sun.

Swimming through the part where both friends had hugged,

My sight went all fuzzy.

Diving down the water turned crystal clear.

I could see a shivering, shimmering and shining net of sunlight at the bottom.

Some fish were iridescent blue, scarlet red as fresh blood,

Pure white as the morning mist and as silver as a moon beam.


13 thoughts on “The Lagoon

  1. Mr Rockey

    Wow! This looks amazing. Thank you for sharing your travels, it looks lovely there. You have written very well too, Bella!

  2. Ed

    What a lovely description Bella – very evocative. Keep us updated! How is your Spanish? (or rather “como es tu espanol?”) Hopefully you have perfected your “andale! andale!” by now…

    ps “andale” isn’t rude – it is a sort of mixture of “come on” and “let’s go”. You can definitely use it whenever your Dad is lying about on his sun lounger and refusing to put his book down (again)…

    1. plowton Post author

      Hi Ed,
      Oscar still has ten toes and so do I!!! Unfortunately I haven’t perfected my Spanish yet, but I have done some Spanish and some bartering. We have been to three ruins and on two of them we were allowed to climb up one 32m temple and one 42m temple!! They were pretty high!! How is Comet doing? Is he allowed outside yet?
      From Bella

  3. Karen H

    Ooh ! I wish I was swimming in Lake Yal-Ku. it sounds fantastic. I can see the water turning, churning and dancing from your description Bella, well done. It’s freezing in Westwood !!

    Looking forward to your next update.


  4. Mrs Tyler

    Hi Bella and Oscar. Orchid and Lotus miss you and we say Good morning and Good Afternoon to you every day with the register. We know that you are probably still sleeping when we start our day but we think of you all the same. Thank you for posting so much.
    We will view your blog as a class tomorrow 🙂 and send a class reply.


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