G is for Grand Cenote, the best cenote ever.

R is for Red Eared Terapins sunning themselves.

A is for amazing stalactites that hold on tight.

N is for nibbling fish, tiny and ticklish.

D is for diving down through darkness to shimmering light.


C is for catfish with whiskers like Master Shifu beard.

E is for enthusiastic bats, who can never get comfortable.

N is for new surprises I get each time I visit.

O is for obstacles, jagged stalactites that cut through the water.

T is for the tremendous splash as I jump in.

E is for epic sink holes, swimming, snorkling, seeing fish and shivering.

7 thoughts on “GRAND CENOTE

  1. Mrs Tyler

    From Orchid:
    Tom says: It looks fun.
    Lily says: I am missing you!
    Tilly says: Hope you are having a great time. It looks fun diving in the sink holes.
    Wilf says: We are not as loud without you (! – Mrs Tyler),
    Theo says: Hope you are having an awesome time and everybody misses you.
    Edward says: Hi!
    Natasha says: You’re awesome!
    Honor says: Food sounds nice!

    1. plowton Post author

      Hi everyone!
      It is not a turtle it is a Terrapin! I am fine thanks and I am having a great time! I hope all is well at Westwood and that you, Lily , are winning some games at Hocky! I am REALLY missing you and everyone else.
      From Bella
      P.S I have to do lots of work and it takes like a day to do it!

  2. Honor

    Hi Bella that looks amazing swimming in sinkholes with terrapins i would love to see more pictures of them ! Today we are having a cake sale however it looks like you are having yummy food to


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