Time Temple

We have been to lots of temples and one of my best ones is Chichen Itza.


I like this one best because it has a time temple that has a serpent’s head at the bottom. At the equinox a snake is formed by triangles of shadow creeping down the steps to the serpents head and it is called the feathered snake




i also liked the platform of bones where the Mayans piled up skulls of people who had been beheaded, like traitors gate at he Tower of London.  It probably would have put off loads of Mayans from being traitors.

It would have looked really scary. You can see the carvings of skulls, and also an Eagle eating a man’s heart. It was really gruesome and fun.




4 thoughts on “Time Temple

  1. Harriet

    Wow that looks awesome !
    I hope you are having a great time-swimming in the lagoons and cenotes looks really fun- missing you loads

  2. Heidi

    Hi Bella & Oscar – we are really missing seeing you both on Wednesdays so it is so lovely to hear your news. The temple looks really fascinating – it must be breathtaking to see the feathered snake form at the equinox. I love learning about buildings that have been designed to line up with the sun or moon to reveal things – isn’t it amazing that they were able to work out how to do that! Hope you have lots more fun & we look forward to seeing you soon.


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