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The Sea by Oscar


oscar surf 1    oscar sea how big

The sea can shape shift into many things
The sea can be a place where the birds sing
Sometimes it can be raging typhoon
And when the waves crash they make an angry tune.

In the middle of the ocean deep
Out of the water the flying gurnards leap
Down in the predatory waters dark
Lurks the menacing great white shark

Sometimes it can be a coral garden exploding with life
Colourful, lively but sharp as a knife
But I like the sea to swim in and play
and ride the tides for the rest of the day.

oscar surf 2

An Underwater World by Bella

b o whale whal tale baby whale sand


In a deserted land in a lagoon so blue,
in waters new,
memories come fresh from a year before,
they are travelers swimming from cold Arctic waters.

Calves are born playful curious carefree,
safe from the sea,
here in the lagoon,
getting bigger, stronger, fitter, wiser,
preparing for the journey to deeper waters.

The whale has a gift of frightening size
breaching it sees the skies,
up and up its rises,
then the whale goes falling, falling down,
followed by a splash as big as itself.

Flukes power the whale along gracefully,
flicking, forcefully,
racing toward the sea,
up and down it goes hypnotizing the fish,
the power of the fluke is strong it never fails.

Spy hopping the whale reaches for the sky,
an arrow spinning high,
taking in the scene,
like arrows the whale must go down,
in a flurry of water its gone.

If ever you haven’t stroked a whale,
don’t go telling tales,
that the skin is hard.
if you have actually felt one you will know,
it’s as soft and smooth as my brothers bottom.

USS Midway

U is for Unstoppable machinery they used in the battle of Midway.
S is for Super size, like a floating skyscraper.
S is for Superior flight simulator, raging in all directions.

M is for Mammoth sized Hanger deck, fitting 29 planes inside.
I is for incoming information, the captain used to win the a battle against Japan.
D is for Democratic Americans, who almost got conquered by Japan.
W is for World War Two, when in battle they saw that aircraft carriers were very useful.
A is for Amazing aircraft that defeated the advanced Japanese planes.

uss midway

USA and Baja California, Mexico 2015 Trip

oscar sealsb o flight sim


Bella and Oscar arrive safely in San Diego – a belated welcome from Bella …..

The Trip Has Started…

Hi Guys

We have arrived in San Diego, and finally have chosen a van.

On Tuesday we had a lazy jet-lagged day of beaches and bed.

On Wednesday we went to a rocky, wave crashing beach. Me and Oscar climbed the sandy rocks, chased away the sea gulls and ran away from the foaming crashing waves. Even better on the neighbouring beach there was a much more exciting sight. Guess what there was? Seals! There were seals swimming in to the shore with their cute newborn babies. What a sight is was! When all of the seals were in the beach they lay down and slept. On the next beach there was hundreds and hundreds of sleeping seals, some of them were awake and swimming in the sea. This beach was closed because of the seals.

On Friday we went to Tutankhanmum exhibit and saw the replicas of all his treasure and his golden coffins! We watched videos and listened to audio tapes of the story of. Mr Bennett, Oscar can tell you all about Tutankhanmum now!

On Saturday we went to a nature reserve beach, and did a long walk down the beach. We had a swim in the freezing cold sea, jumping waves and wading out as far as we dared.

On Sunday we went on the USS Midway, which is an enormous aircraft carrier and a museum. It was gigantic like a floating skyscraper. On the Hangar deck (which is where they kept the planes) there was a flight simulator. This is how it works:
1 First you get inside;
2 Then the people shut the door;
3 After that a screen comes on and you try to shoot the bad guys;
4 Which ever way you turn the handle you go.
Me and Oscar went on it and it was brilliant!

Thats all … for now ….. Bella